Conversion of VGA to HDMI using an HDMI convertor
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VGA (video graphics array) is a sort of connection that is used with laptops or computers to transmit video signal to monitor or TV screen. Conversion of VGA to HDMI means installing an interface between monitor and video source. This process is simple and can be carried out by any user. It is an amazing way to enjoy watching your favorite online TV shows and movies at your home, but this requires a video graphics array to HDMI converter. These converters are used to convert a signal to another type. Many televisions do not support VGA inputs; however, with the help of HDMI converter you can make both devices compatible. Some people believe that an HDMI cable is sufficient to complete the task, which is not possible. An analog signal can't be converted to digital signal without having a converter.
Why we need VGA to HDMI converter?
Video graphic array is an analog way of transmission whereas HDMI is digital. Hence, we need some type of converter to de-code or modify the signal between computer and HDTV device. The HDMI converter can scale up the video to a resolution of 720p or 1080 p accepted by the television.
Procedure for conversion of VGA to HDMI
Remember that only HDMI carries audio signals but VGA doesn't. Therefore, in order to do this conversion you not only need a VGA and HDMI cable, but also an audio cable. The audio and video signals will pass to the HDMI converter, and it will merge both signals into an HD signal out using HDMI cable connected to your TV. Here are steps for converting VGA to HDMI
• Turn off your computer.
• Connect the power source of your HDMI converter to the input and a right electrical socket.
• Connect HDMI cable of your monitor to converter's HDMI port. This port can be found on the backside of the input socket.
• Connect VGA cable to the output port of the computer to the converter's VGA input port. This port can be found on the similar side you plugged the cable from the power source.
• Power on your computer and make sure the HDMI converter is correctly working and transferring graphics to your monitor.


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